Three Stones Wellness is a comprehensive, integrated treatment program specifically created to address the individual needs of teens suffering the effects of alcohol and substance abuse.   The core belief of Three Stones Wellness is that alcohol and substance abuse is a treatable condition and that recovery is best achieved through a process that heals and nurtures mind, body and spirit.

Alcohol and substance abuse is a serious problem requiring a serious response.  All teens deserve help and need not wait until “hitting bottom” before receiving that help.  In order for teens to have the best opportunity for success, it is imperative that teens receive early intervention and are provided with an individualized comprehensive program – to address behavior before it becomes a destructive pattern of physical drug dependency.

At Three Stones Wellness we recognize that many teens who have issues with drugs and alcohol also struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar, attention deficit and other mental health disorders. We believe in treating the whole person and addressing both issues of substance use and mental health. This approach allows teens to deal with underlying issues that may have lead to abuse of drugs and alcohol.

At Three Stones Wellness, we utilize the best of proven successful methods of treatment.  Whether a teen is struggling with primary substance abuse, or a dual diagnosis disorder, we can help. We believe that an integrated approach, tailored to the individual, is the best path toward successful recovery. Our program is established upon evidence-based models and we are committed to incorporating new treatment modalities as they apply to our individual clients. In developing the individualized treatment plan for each client, we focus on the “why, when and how” approach.  Why is this treatment appropriate for this individual?  When should this treatment be applied?  And, how will it be most effectively applied?  As necessary, we allow for adjustments to the individual plan throughout a client’s stay.

Our individualized, holistic approach treats the whole person and incorporates such healing modalities as acupuncture, HeartMath, fitness programs, nutritional counseling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Music Therapy, and Art Therapy.  Each client receives a medical assessment to address possible nutritional deficiencies which are addressed through whole foods and specified vitamin and mineral supplementation to assist in the detoxification and healing process.

During the course of treatment, adolescents learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns.  We teach life skills – decision making, stress management, communication, and drug refusal skills.  We limit our program to no more than six residential participants at one time in order to tailor our program to the individual.  We believe in the power of a small, supportive environment to effect positive change. Our home setting and personalized therapeutic approach provides a safe and nurturing environment for teens to address and understand the causes of their substance abuse, adopt tools to help them through their life’s journey, and support their efforts towards healthy choices and wellness.